Dear comrades!

It’s a must time to discuss about Modi and his atrocities in Gujarat,its also arising a question that is the people of Gujarat living in a democratic or dictatorship state?

Even after Tehelka’s special issue about the truth GUJARAT 2002,IN THE WORDS OF THE MEN WHO DID IT,

  • Modi is wandering in the streets of Gujarat freely,
  • Justifying what he did
  • Going to compete in Gujarat elections-2007 as a CM nominee

Most of the people who read that special issue were mentally upset; some of the impacts from the readers of Tehelka are as follows

Your issue on Gujarat made me want to vomit, it’s been long long time since I cried over something in a news magazine

The fence has eaten the crops

Your special issue the truth Gujarath 2002: did what the CBI, the IB and the CID could not do

You need to make yourselves more publicly available, so that people get REAL news instead of the manufacturings of rumors mills and celebrity gossip, published by most of the news media in India

In these circumstances, lets come to the Gujarat elections-2007

This is the time to the people of Gujarat to teach a lesson to Modi, but

In Gujarat more than 80% of the people are justifying the genocide against Muslims

They have lost the moral decency to react in the situation even a layman can do that.

I have seen NDTV’s FOR AND AGAINST on the topic vibrant Gujarat a reality? on 6-12-07

Two kinds of people, those who are supporting Modi and opposing him the people who were supported him never talked about the wounds on 2002, but they Blindly mentioned Gujarat’s industrial development over 5 years rather than burial of Social justice, but from left side who are against Modi revealed the truth, particularly Rekha Rhodwitiya an artist from Gujarat gave enthralled talk and it was an outcome of moral decency.

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